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Fic: Alone Together (Brutus/Cassius, Rome)

Title: Alone Together
Character(s)/Pairing: Brutus/Cassius
Timeframe: Set between 2x05 'Heroes of the Republic' and 2x06 'Philippi'
Length: 634
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rating for sex
Disclaimer: Don't own them. Never have, never will.
Notes: Big, giant thanks to [info]fredbassett for the beta. Written for [info]lynnthered

Brutus was reclined on a lectus staring at the ceiling, his arm cradled around a bottle of wine, when Cassius pulled back one of the flaps and entered. With a frown creasing Cassius' brow, he glanced around the tent, searching for something.

"Ah, Cassius, my good friend," Brutus said, his speech slightly slurred, "Come to join me?"

Cassius shook his head and began muttering. All Brutus could make out were a few words as Cassius rummaged through papers on one of the desks. Brutus watched him for a few moments before shaking his head and taking another swig of the wine.

"You really must learn to relax, my friend," He heard Cassius huff behind him, "Come over here and sit down."

Cassius sighed as he wandered over to the lectus and sat down next to Brutus, "Are you drunk?" 

Brutus grinned, "Possibly," he replied, handing Cassius the half empty bottle.

"Why are you so happy?" Cassius asked before taking a long gulp of the dark liquid from the bottle.

"Why should I not be happy? We are finally going home."

"Ah. Your mother will be happy to see you. Her son, the hero," Cassius smiled.

Brutus snorted, "I am no hero. I only did what had to be done."

"Being modest now, are we?" Cassius said, handing the bottle back to Brutus, who just shrugged. "What will you do when you get back home? Politics, perhaps?"

Brutus laughed and finished off the rest of the wine before setting the empty bottle on the ground, "No, no more politics for me. Maybe I will retire to the country and become a poet."

"But you write awful poetry," Cassius chuckled.

"Well, I am not as bad as some people. Your poems are much worse than mine. I do not know how you can write such drivel," Brutus laughed, kicking Cassius lightly.

Cassius smiled, "It is nice to see you happy."

Brutus nodded as he sat up, "It is nice to have something to be happy about. I never thought I would miss Rome so much."

Cassius studied Brutus for a moment before leaning forward and kissing him softly. Brutus inhaled sharply as their lips met, but didn't back away, instead he snaked a hand into Cassius' hair and pulled him closer, parting his lips to meet Cassius' tongue with his own. Brutus leaned back against the sofa, pulling Cassius with him as their kisses become more wanton and hungry. Brutus' tongue explored the other man's mouth as Cassius' rough hand moved up his thigh and under his tunic. Cassius' hand found Brutus' warm cock and felt it harden as his fingers wrapped around the base.

Their kiss broke as Cassius' hand moved up the shaft slowly causing Brutus to moan into his mouth. Cassius rubbed his thumb across the slick tip then back down the shaft, slow and gentle. Brutus' breath hitched as he threw his head back and arched his back, hips thrusting forward. Cassius' mouth found his jawline, then his neck, finally stopping to nip and suck on his pulse point. Brutus bit his lip and groaned, trying not to cry out as Cassius' strokes became quicker and rougher. His hips began moving in time with the quick strokes as Cassius' mouth found his again. Brutus' breathing became more ragged as he got closer to the edge. A few more hard strokes were all it took as Brutus' orgasm tore through him and came over Cassius' hand with a loud moan.

Brutus laid there with his eyes closed, panting and still as Cassius released him. His mind was foggy, whether or not it was from the wine he wasn't sure. He felt movement next to him and when he opened his eyes Cassius was gone. Brutus sighed then swung his legs off the lectus and stood, readjusting his tunic as he headed out of the tent in search of more wine. 


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