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Definitely Next Time

Title: Definitely Next Time
Pairing: Rodney McKay/ John Sheppard
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Warnings:  Who really needs a plot anyway?! 

Disclaimer(s): I do not own these characters, but I don’t have any issues about borrowing them for a little while.

Thanks: To the patience of my betas for reading and then reading it again and then finally forcing it through my thick skull to actually fix those pesky past vs. present tense mistakes [among other things, who knew you could have TOO many commas!].  I am bribing them for next time with a mix CD. My love and hero worship to spacemonkey_27, zippityfeets, and The OOMM.



John hasn’t yet decided when it first started.


He doubts it was when Rodney was having a mild coronary over the latest “impending doom” situation they managed to find themselves in, though he himself finds these episodes strangely fascinating and definitely amusing.  It probably wasn’t when Rodney was gloating because he’d saved their collective asses yet again, because frankly John stops listening after the first few seconds of these tirades. What he does know is that one day he found himself staring at Rodney's ass like it was the most fascinating thing he'd ever seen. Then there was the first time he got hard staring at Rodney's hands. That freaked John out more than anything.


So now here they are hanging out in Rodney’s room, watching some episode of Doctor Who that John swears he’s trying to concentrate on, but all of his senses right now are occupied with Rodney.


The beds in Atlantis aren’t exactly the most comfortable thing in the world, nor are they really made for two grown men to lie around in without touching.  This means every breath Rodney takes John can feel against his side. And the smell of Rodney’s shampoo will be in his head forever.


Rodney’s laptop is sitting on a chair across from them casting interesting shadows over his face. John’s sure he’s watched almost the entire episode just staring at Rodney. In fact, he can’t stop staring and Rodney doesn’t even seem to notice. It’s infuriating. It is one of those moments when it would be so much easier if Rodney would just pay attention already and read his mind. Yeah, much much easier if Rodney could read John’s mind.


Are you even watching this?” Rodney looks like he’s pouting.


Shit. “Um…yeah? It’s great. Really funny” John stutters.


You have no idea what’s going on, do you?”  Now Rodney really is pouting, his mouth pulled down in a crooked frown.


John can’t think of anything to say. Usually he can come up with at least something, but Rodney’s mouth is inches from his and if he were to just lean over their lips would be touching. It’s the only thing he can think of. So what the hell. He’s in deep shit regardless. He’s infatuated with his best friend. What's the worst that could happen?


Well… Rodney could freak out and never speak to him again, and though that would suck, at least John wouldn’t have to pretend he wasn’t feeling this way every time they were alone together. Or, Rodney could feel the same way. That was possible right? Granted Rodney usually doesn’t have a problem telling John exactly how he feels about every single thing, but…shit.


“Really! If you didn’t want to watch this you should have just said something.” Rodney huffs and rolls away.


They lay there for a moment staring at the ceiling.


“Do you like Star Trek? Twilight Zone?”  Rodney’s already up looking through the DVDs stacked on his desk.


“Rodney.” John’s voice is soft.


“Huh?” Rodney flips through the stack looking for something. Anything. Just because it’s still early and he really doesn’t want John to leave yet.



What am I, a girl? Rodney thought. He’s really got to work on this whole not being such a complete weirdo thing.  Besides being in a completely different galaxy in the fabled city of Atlantis, which is pretty (all right, really weird in an amazingly cool way), he’s got this pesky issue of having a crush on his best friend, who is currently lying on his bed with his hair all smashed down on one side looking incredibly sexy. Fuck.


John could have anyone here. Man, woman - hell, Rodney’s pretty sure a couple of the Wraith would be interested if it wasn’t for the whole “suck out your life force” stuff.  So why would John want him? He wouldn’t. That’s the long and short of it.  Sure they are friends, even if it’s only because they are millions of light years from home and the billions of other people John could be friends with who aren’t egotistical caffeine addicted genius astrophysicists like Rodney. 


“Rodney…” John’s voice is louder now, cutting through the jumble of Rodney’s thoughts.


He sighs. “Yeah?”


John stands and closes the space between them in a matter of seconds.


You know for the galaxy’s most amazing genius, sometimes you can be incredibly ignorant.” John whispers against his lips.


And there it is in bright Technicolor, of course.  Why couldn’t he have seen it before?  Right, because of all the mouths in Atlantis, his is the last one he would have ever figured Lt. Colonel John Sheppard would have ever chosen to stick his tongue into. But who’s complaining?  Not Rodney. Nope. Not when John’s sucking on his tongue and rubbing himself against Rodney’s leg like he’s doing right now. Yeah, there will be no complaints, unless it stops. Then he might die, because he doesn’t think anything has ever felt this good.


Usually when you fantasize about something and it actually happens, the real life event never lives up to the perfection of the fantasy. This moment was the exception to the rule. Because no matter how many times he’d ever thought about it, actually kissing John is better than he could have imagined. The rough slide of stubble against his cheek, the way he’s tugging on Rodney’s hair and the hardness of John’s cock pressing into his hip isn’t gentle and in no way romantic, but it’s the hottest, most perfect thing he’s ever experienced.


They break apart and Rodney meets John’s eyes.


“You okay with this?” John’s voice is rough and low and if Rodney believes anything right now it’s that there’s no way he can get any harder.


“If it wasn’t completely obvious to you by now that I’m just fine with this…” John doesn’t let Rodney finish his sentence; instead he presses himself impossibly closer and kisses him again. 


John pushes Rodney until his backs up against the wall.  When they break apart they stand there panting against each others’ mouths.  


“Shit, Rodney. I...I can’t…” John’s voice was hoarse and he comes as he rocks against him.


Rodney rocks back against John, breath coming in short gasps. He hasn’t felt this desperate in a long time, certainly not while still fully clothed. Before Rodney can say anything, John’s fisting his cock, hard and rough.


“Oh, fuck,” grunts Rodney and comes all over John’s hand.


John’s whispering, moaning, saying something against his neck, but the words are lost behind the pounding of Rodney’s heart and the rush of blood in his ears.


John finally raises his head. “That was…”


“Yeah.” Rodney agrees. “But do you think next time we could at least try and aim for the general direction of the bed?” 


John’s laugh is warm and deep.  “Definitely next time.”

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